Darkness Exhumed


Extreme survival in a zombie's sandbox


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Darkness Exhumed is a 2D survival sandbox game in which you start out with your hero completely naked in the middle of the woods and surrounded by zombies, you'll now have to try to survive in any way you can.

Fortunately for players your protagonist is able to create different structures using all kinds of blocks. You can use stone or wood blocks to create a fort and try to keep the zombies at bay, although you will, of course, have to confront them.

The game randomly creates all kinds of scenes and enemies, so you'll never play the same game twice. Plus, if your protagonist dies you'll have to start from the beginning again. Fortunately you’ll have tons of possibilities to try to stay alive.

Darkness Exhumed is a very fun game that is filled with possibilities, it lets you create bases, set traps, illuminate dark areas on the map, and face off different bosses... among other things.

This version of the game comes with many limited features.

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